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University of Illinois Police Department

In 1999, the University of Illinois Police Department reintroduced the motorcycle patrol unit.  this is the first motorcycle patrol unit at the department since the middle 1980's.  Officer G. Sandwick, Officer S. Mechling and Officer J. Whittington are assigned to this unit.  Both motor officers and our patrol motorcycles have appeared in numerous community parades and events and have become a valuable asset for traffic escorts and providing emergency response in the congested traffic environments of the campus area.  The Division was able to reintroduce this highly effective patrol mode to the campus thanks to a partnership with local Harley Davidson dealer Sharon Andrae who provided the specially equipped motorcycle.  Additional support for the unit was provided by Bill Weisiger and Squad Fitters, Inc.

October 2006 Start of Basketball Season


October 2006 when  Coach Webber was escorted onto the Assembly Hall floor for the start of the Basketball season.  He was escorted by Ofc Mechling and Ofc Sandwick.  The Assembly Hall was dark and the fog machines were on.  Both motorcycles had lights and sirens going.  It was a big hit.
Coach Webber was in a sidecar motorcycle setup that belongs to Sharon Andreas (Andreas' Harley Davidson).  The sidecar motorcycle was driven by Jimmy, the owner of "Jimmy John's."
The waxed floor was like ice and I'm happy we didn't put one down mid court. 
University of Illinois Police 2007 July 4th Parade, We played follow the leader, Figure 8s, and chased the Shriners.

Photos and information was provided by the University of Illinois Police Department