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Turlock Police Department

Motor Officer Lavon B New was the first peace officer killed in the line of duty in
Stanislaus County.  In April 1935, New was chasing a speeder when another motorist
pulled out in front of him.  He died in the hospital a few days later. 
  Almost 75 years later, it is still one of the most common causes for motor
officers' deaths.


In 1991 Turlock Police Department purchased a 1991 Kawasaki KZ1000.  Shortly after, another was purchased.  These motorcycles were used until 1999, when TPD was awarded a grant from OTS for the purchase of a 1999 BMW R1100RTP.  In 2002, through another OTS grant a BMW R1150RTP was purchased.  One Kawasaki was surplused and the other was designated a "training motorcycle."  The BMW's remained in service until 2007 when one was replaced with a 2006 Honda ST1300P.  In 2007, two more 2006 Honda ST1300P's were added replacing the second BMW.  In 2008, a 2008 Honda ST1300P was added to the fleet.  Turlock now solely relies on the Honda's for traffic officers.
The Honda is 1300 cc's which produces 114 hp.  It is exceptionally maneuverable and handles excellently in all traffic conditions. 




1934 with Chief of Police


Officer Lavon B. New Motor Officer 1935





Information and Photos provided by the Turlock, CA Police Deaprtment