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SMART Course Motorcycle Safety Class

April 30, 2016

Motorcycle related fatalities and motorcycle crashes in general are a big concern. The only way to help mitigate the problem is through awareness and training. That's why the Osceola County Sheriff's Office developed the SMART Course. The acronym SMART stands for Safe Motorcycle and Rider Techniques.

The goal of the SMART training is:

"To help students demonstrate safe motorcycle riding techniques by negotiating commonly found street riding situations in a controlled and skill oriented manner."

In order to accomplish our goal, SMART training is broken down into objectives that focus on the four primary areas that can be applied to any aspect of motorcycle riding. These include the proper use of head and eyes during turning, dipping the bike in order to facilitate transitioning, leaning the bike to make tighter turns, and properly manipulating the clutch, throttle, and brake, in order to properly work within the motorcycle's grey area.

The training is conducted in a closed course instructed by highly trained law enforcement motor officers using the very same techniques that place them in the top 5% of all riders. Each student receives individualized attention which positively reinforces the skills sets the course tries to improve. If the student has paid attention and applied themselves, they will leave a better rider than when they came in. By working together, we can lower the number of motorcycle related fatalities and crashes.