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Officer Dickman with Art B. Hickox (Racing Driver) 1920's



Eddie Campa 1930's

While engaged in the research to establish the approximate date of Sergeant Christoph's photograph, the city ordnance (1 June 1935) was located providing the authority to disregard the lowest bidder and purchase 10 Harley-Davidson 74 inch police motorcycles and 10 sidecars for a total of $4,954.20. This was due to Harley-Davidson's superior equipment. It would appear that these are the motorcycles in photographs through the later 1930s and therefore Sergeant Christoph's photograph must be 1935 or older. However, the true find was an advertising photograph from the Harley-Davidson archive showing a 1934 Servi-car. The officer driving is Agnal A. "Bill" Edwards and the officer sitting behind is Otto "Pete" Hillock. The picture was taken in 1934. Both will give their lives in service to the city.

1930 Sgt, William "Billy" Christoph

1933 Jon A Shannon showing tacks he picked up off the road

"Picture of John A. Shannon with his motorcycle, and in his San Antonio Police Uniform. Believe this was taken at their house on Virginia Blvd in San Antonio"

Here is a line of the 1935 Harley-Davidson VL's. (listed as VLP in the city purchasing ordnance). The photograph was taken at 107 S. Pecos, during labor problems in 1937. Notice that the "Diamond" insignia from the fuel tank is replicated on the right side of the side-car along with the Department number.

1949 Lt. Strum and Officer Arthur Perez

Officer Jack Flesher 1957

Officer Vick Abate with James Arness (Matt Dillion)

1950's Officer Jack Flesher

1960 Sgt. Tom Farley, John Wayne and Officer Sidney Billings

1963 Traffic heading out

President John F. Kennedy visits San Antonio

Officer Robert Anderdson July 2, 1970

Officer Robert Anderdson July 1971 with his 1968 Harley-Davidson FL Hand Shift

Ron Ulevig

Gregory Knaus

James Johnson

2004 Sgt.Rick Gonzalez and His Team

2006 Motor Unit



Motor Officers that participated in the first ever SAPD No-Shave November December 2016. Left to right Henry Uriegas, Tony Garcia, Steve Vaquera, Justin Dietrich, and Jimmy Owen

2010 Officer Vinny Sanchez and Richard Long

2010 Fiesta Officer Steven McGowan and Jason Aicher

2010 Retired Sgt. Rick Gonzalez and Rachelle Littlefield

2010 Retired Albert Gomez and Detective O'Connor

2010 Officer Mike Moore

Mike Quinonez, Dwayne Harlan and Art DeHoyos 2010

2010 Mike Quiononez, Rechelle Littlefield, and Oscar O'Connor

San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 88th Annual Gala February 4th 2017. Erik Estrada, aka Ponch; from the TV show "CHiP's", was the Master of Ceremonies. Officers Steve Vaquera (left) and Tony Garcia (right).

San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce 88th Annual Gala February 4th 2017. Erik Estrada, aka Ponch; from the TV show "CHiP's", was the Master of Ceremonies.

Honda Goldwing

Information provided by San Antonio, TX Police Department Photos provided by the San Antonio, TX Police Department Historial Society.