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Pro Guards

It's November and we will be covering a great and inexpensive Christmas gift for you.  It is called Pro-Guard, it protects your crash bars from tip overs and other crashes.  I got a pair a few days ago.  They are awesome.
Pro Guards is made of a semi flexible plastic.  When you start a side and push onto the bars it snaps into place.  It took me just a few seconds to install them on my front crash bars. Great for training, competitions pop on and off in seconds.
After the installation I took my motor out on the freeway for about 50 miles and took a look at them after the ride.  They did not move, shift, chafe, or pop off.  The Pro Guards looked like they were made for my bike.
I took my motor out and did a lot of slow speed circles, Figure-Eights and U-Turns.     At low speed tip overs the Pro Guards did their job and stayed on the bars, they did not move slide or have to be readjusted.  I did find that depending on the texture of the road, speed and angle you crash they will pop off.  You can use flex-ties to keep them from popping off. 
The protection they provide is great.  They will not stay together or protect to much in a high speed crash but for practice, required training, and for you new riders for learning, They are the best.  For the Department Sgt., LTs, and Administration, if your department leases it's motors, the Pro Guards will cut down on replacement on turn - ins. I found out it is $250.00 for the Front crash bar and $150.00 for the saddlebag bars.  The department has to pay to replace them on your turn-in.  
Pro Guards for the Front Crash Bar is $19.95.  For a Front and Back set it is $29.99.  I think for the price you are getting you moneys worth.  Also you can keep them on or just put them on during training and competitions.  It will protect the departments investment as well as your own.  You do the math.
To order your pair go to www.proguards.net
They are great stocking stuffers!!