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Lynchburg Police Department

The History of the Lynchburg Police Department Shoulder Patch

The patch of the Lynchburg Police Department is worn with pride and dignity by the dedicated men and women who protect the lives and property of the citizens of this fine city.  The center of the patch depicts the scales of justice and the horn of plenty.  The vase represents plentiful water with the train signifying one of many transportation crossroads in the city.  In the background can be seen the Blue Ridge Mountains which lie immediately north of the city.

Lynchburg Police Department PIO Patch Information


 The History of the Lynchburg Police Department Motor Unit

1915 Motor Officer Robert Sutor

1944 Officer Cox, Officer Harriss, Officer, Officer Witt, Officer Farris, Officer Burruss, and Major Boyce







Photos and Information provided by Lynchburg, VA Police Department