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Kawasaki Motor Company

The Kawasaki Motor Company started making Police model motorcycles in 1970 to 2005.  The 900 series was the first in the early 70's and in the mid 70's came the KZ 1000 series.  The Kawasaki made it's mark in the Law Enforcement community in the late 1970's.  Harley Davidson AMF was having a few bad years with the motorcycles and the Law Enforcement agencies went with the Kawasaki KZ 1000 series.  The motorcycles were very dependable and reliable. The KZ 1000 series was made famous by the TV Show "CHiP's" in the early 1980's.  Below are picrures of the KZ 1000 Series.
In 1981 the KZ 1000 had a framed-mounted fairing and beginning with the production of the 1979 KZ1000-C2, the radio rack is a floating carrier.  It is specially designed to rotate from side to side to help damp any oscillations of the motorcycle.
Kawasaki started it Police Motorcycle in the early 1970's with the 900 series and ended it's run in 2005 with it's last model the 2005 KZ 1000 P-24.  In 2009 Kawasaki started back in the Police Motorcycle scene with it's 1400 Enforcer.  2010 Police Departments like Mesa, AZ Police started using them.  The 1400 Enforcer is a police concept of the Concours touring bike.  
The Kawaski KZ1000 Police Motorcycle was designed and developed to meet the special demands of police motorcycle duty.  Like all Kawasaki products, it is the result of advanced engineering, exhaustive testing, and continuous striving for superior reliablity safety and performance.


Date Model
1978 KZ1000 C-1
1979 KZ1000 C-2
1980 KZ1000 C-3
1981 KZ1000 C-4
1982 KZ1000 P-1
1983 KZ1000 P-2
1984 KZ1000 P-3
1985 KZ1000 P-4
1986 KZ1000 P-5
1987 KZ1000 P-6
1988 KZ1000 P-7
1989 KZ1000 P-8
1990 KZ1000 P-9
1991 KZ1000 P-10
1992 KZ1000 P-11
1993 KZ1000 P-12
1994 KZ1000 P-13
1995 KZ1000 P-14
1996 KZ1000 P-15
1997 KZ1000 P-16
1998 KZ1000 P-17
1999 KZ1000 P-18
2000 KZ1000 P-19
2001 KZ1000 P-20
2002 KZ1000 P-21
2003 KZ1000 P-22
2004 KZ1000 P-23
2005 KZ1000 P-24
2009 1400 Enforcer by Probity Cycles

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South Lake Tahoe, CA Police Department, 1972 Kawasaki 900 Police

1977 Kawasaki KZ 1000 A-1






2000 Kawasaki KZ1000 P-19 Police (Left and Center) 2005 Kawasaki KZ1000 P-24 Police (Right)


Photo provided by Kawasaki Motor Company

Photo provided by Kawasaki Motor Company


2002 Kawasaki KZ 1000 P-21 Police


Photo provided by George Lescallett of Probity Cycles, Inc.