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Florida End of Watch

NAME                                                  Date of Death  Rank              Department                             Panel/Line

DON CARLTON JOHNSON JR         07/11/1999  Deputy Sheriff     Bay County, Florida, S.O.           55-E: 21

CURTIS M MOORE                           04/24/1983 Deputy Sheriff      Charlotte County, Florida, S.O.  63-E: 8

HARRY LORAIN CONYERS JR        01/22/1967  Police Officer      Clearwater, Florida, P.D.             43-E: 4

JOHN FREDERICK PASSER            07/12/1970  Police Officer       Clearwater, Florida, P.D.            19-E: 15

PETER MAYO PRICE                       02/12/1969  Police Officer        Clearwater, Florida, P.D.            22-E: 2

WILLIAM  IRWIN                               01/20/1929  Deputy Sheriff       Collier County, Florida, S.O.     3-W: 24

W R RICHARDSON                          12/14/1928  Deputy Sheriff       Collier County, Florida, S.O.     15-W: 24

BILLY HOWARD STEPHENS           11/22/1957  Police Officer         Coral Gables, Florida, P.D.       21-W: 12

DAVID L BROWER                           12/29/1994  Patrol Officer         Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D.   53-E: 19

CHARLES E BRUCE                        08/24/1983  Patrolman             Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D.    61-E: 7

GREGORY J CONNERS                  11/12/1977  Sergeant               Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D.    9-W: 17

R DWIGHT JOHNSTON                   04/05/1947  Sergeant               Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D.    47-E: 17

DONALD E KIRBY                            10/09/1968  Patrolman             Fort Lauderdale, Florida, P.D.    6-E: 10

PHOENIX M BRAITHWAITE            08/02/2006  Police Officer        Haines City, Florida, P.D.            63-W: 25

CLARENCE E BALLOU                    10/15/1937  Officer                  Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.          12-W: 3

JAKE B EDWARDS                          02/01/1968  Police Officer        Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.          23-E: 9

JOHN P ELLIS                                 09/11/1937  Officer                    Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.         31-E: 8

FRED W HIGGINBOTHAM              08/18/1947  Officer                   Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.         22-E: 17

WILLIAM E McCOOLEY                   09/05/1962  Officer                  Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.         23-W: 7

GLENN A RAINEY                            08/23/1974  Officer                  Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.         35-E: 14

DAVID HENRY REESE                     02/28/1970  Officer                  Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.         56-E: 3

ERNEST CHARLES REGISTER      04/20/1960  Officer                  Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.          11-W: 1

JEFFREY NORMAN RITCHEY        02/23/1987  Officer                  Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.          4-E: 14

CHARLES RAY SHINHOLSER JR   12/14/1988  Officer                  Jacksonville, Florida, S.O.          63-E: 3

NORMAN ALVIN DREW                   12/18/1975  Police Officer       Key West, Florida, P.D.               58-W: 18

EUGENE E DeBERRY                      01/14/1985  Patrolman           Lakeland, Florida, P.D.                55-E: 8

JERRY JOSEPH GENOVA               11/15/1972  Officer                 Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, P.D.  22-E: 12

ALAN OSMAN WARREN                  06/04/1926 Deputy Sheriff     Marion County, Florida, S.O.       35-E: 25

ROBERT  BOYLE                              08/31/1936  Sergeant            Miami Beach, Florida, P.D.          30-W: 19

JOHN  BRUBAKER                          03/31/1933  Police Officer      Miami, Florida, P.D.                      22-W: 15

WILLIAM DON CRAIG                     06/21/1988  Police Officer      Miami, Florida, P.D.                       2-W: 15

 FRANK ANGELO CROFF              05/22/1921  Police Officer       Miami, Florida, P.D.                       29-E: 10

JOSE  DeLEON                               12/21/1984  Police Officer       Miami, Florida, P.D.                       56-E: 4

WESLEY FRANK THOMPSON       09/18/1941  Police Officer       Miami, Florida, P.D.                       35-E: 12

WILLIAM HARRIS WILLIAMS         07/03/2000  Police Officer       Miami, Florida, P.D.                       12-W: 22

JOSE TEODORO GONZALEZ        03/28/1989  Police Officer       Miami-Dade, Florida, P.D.             64-W: 10

EARL LEE JOHNSON JR                02/03/1962  Police Officer       Miami-Dade, Florida, P.D.             56-W: 16

RUEBEN ISAAC JONES                 10/05/1998  Police Officer       Miami-Dade, Florida, P.D.             62-W: 21

NATHAN  HATTAWAY                     04/20/1930  Police Officer       Ocala, Florida, P.D.                       9-E: 17

SAMUEL PARKER JR                     01/23/1975 Deputy Sheriff      Orange County, Florida, S.O.       41-E: 14

MICHAEL W BURSON SR              06/23/1990  Investigator         Orlando, Florida, P.D.                    56-W: 2

SIDNEY  CRENSHAW                    11/22/1966  Patrolman            Orlando, Florida, P.D.                    24-E: 10

HARLY G MASON                           02/20/1938  Patrolman           Orlando, Florida, P.D.                    24-E: 16

EDWARD TULLIS WINN JR            09/13/1935  Lieutenant          Orlando, Florida, P.D.                     25-E: 24

KEVIN DOUGLAS MATHEWS        03/06/1992  Deputy Sheriff     Palm Beach County, Florida, S.O. 16-W: 19

WILLIAM STEVEN MATHEWS       07/13/1979  Patrolman           Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, P.D.63-E: 14

JERRY TOMMIE WELLS                08/17/1973  Sergeant             Panama City, Florida, P.D.             16-W: 7

C F BAZZELL                                  03/16/1932 City Motorcycle    Pensacola, Florida, P.D.                16-E: 22

LOUIS J CHAMPA                          05/27/1951  Police Officer       Pensacola, Florida, P.D.                54-E: 4

CLINTON A GREEN                       02/26/1938  Officer                 Pensacola, Florida, P.D.                 54-E: 10

JOSEPH F SOLANO SR                02/22/1983  Deputy Sheriff     St. Johns County, Florida, S.O.      49-E: 9

STEVEN WESLEY ROBERTS       03/03/1999 Master Deputy     St. Lucie County, Florida, S.D.       64-E: 21

EUGENE A BESSETTE                 11/10/1961  Officer                 St. Petersburg, Florida, P.D.           62-E: 15

WARREN T GAY                            06/15/1981  Sergeant            Tallahassee, Florida, P.D.                6-E: 12

RICHARD S BOOTH                      11/28/1943  Patrolman          Tampa, Florida, P.D.                      14-W: 1

CARL F CHASTAIN                        02/12/1958  Patrolman          Tampa, Florida, P.D.                      30-E: 13

ROLLA LEO STANDAU                  11/29/1963  Patrolman          Tampa, Florida, P.D.                      37-W: 18

JACK HENRY SCHNELL                12/31/1982  Police Officer     Titusville, Florida, P.D.                  38-E: 6

LEONARD C TRIBBLE                   10/18/1958 Police Officer      West Miami, Florida, P.D.            40-E: 14

THOMAS JOSEPH MORASH        10/17/2003  Police Officer     West Palm Beach, Florida, P.D.   19-W: 24

FESTUS ALYAN TATUM JR           03/28/1959  Officer                West Palm Beach, Florida, P.D.   41-E: 5

CLARENCE LEO WAGNER           02/10/1967  Officer                West Palm Beach, Florida, P.D.   33-E: 5

Kevin Matthews - Palm Beach County, Sheriff's Office

Kevin Metthews - Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff Kevin Mathews who died in the line of duty March 6,1992 while protecting our community.

Deputy Kevin Mathews was killed when his police motorcycle was struck by a private limousine while setting up roadblocks for the motorcade of presidential candidate Paul Tsongas. He was attempting to block traffic at an intersection when he was struck.
Deputy Mathews is survived by his wife.

Dave Brower - Fort Lauderdle, FL Police Department

On Novemeber 9, 1994 Dave was responding to a emergency back-up for another officer involved in a vehicle pursuit. While all emergency equipment was operation, another vehicle ran a stop sign and struck Dave. Dave recieved multiple broken bones to his leg and underwent surgery. He appeared to be on his way to recovery and was looking forward to returning to work as a motor officer. On December 29, 1994 Dave passed away from a blood clot which was directly related to the injuries sustained in the accident.

Dave served the community of Fort Lauderdale faithfully for 14 years, hired on June 9, 1980. During his tour of duty he contributed his skills as a patrol officer, field training officer and last as a motor officer.

His great love was being a motor officer. Dave was assigned to motors in June of 1980.

dave was known to his friends and co-workers as the "Beamer" and the "Monk": Beamer for his love for BMW Motorcycles, and the "Monk" because of his hair style and appearance. Dave never seemed to mind either one of these nicknames.

The unit designation "Motor 13" which belonged to Dave for ten years will always belong to Dave. This call sign is being retired, never to be used again at the Ft. Lauderdale Police Department

Kevin Fisher - Daytona Beach Police Department

September 4, 1998

Officer Fischer was struck and killed by a pickup truck while investigating the scene of an earlier accident on I-95, at Exit 92, involving a Volusia County deputy sheriff. While Officer Fischer was standing next to his motorcycle a pickup truck drifted onto the shoulder and struck him and the motorcycle, throwing him down a 5-foot embankment. He was pronounced dead on the scene. The deputy involved in the initial accident, and a Florida Highway Patrol trooper, were also injured in the accident.

Officer Fischer had served with the Daytona Beach Police Department for
4 years. He is survived by his expectant wife, who gave birth to a boy.

Rueben Jones - Metro-Dade Police Department

Motorcycle Officer Rueben Jones was a 26 year veteran of the Metro Dade Police Department who died on October 5, 1998 as a result of complications associated with a motorcycle crash that occured on Sept. 13, 1998.

Bruce St. Laurent - Jupiter Police Department 

Jupiter, FL Police Officer Bruce St. Laurent was struck by vehicle while closing an on ramp to I-95 and 45th Street in West Palm Beach, FLorida for a Presidental Escort.

Broward County FL Sheriff's Deputy Chirstopher Schaub "Motor 44" was hit on his motorcycle on Sept. 26, 2012 at the Intersection of McNab Road and N. Andrews Ave. in Pompano Beach Florida.

Christopher Schaub was a 22 year veteran of the Broward County Sheriff's Office.
Deputy Christopher Scaub was the First Motor Officer Killed In the Line of Duty with the Broward County, FL Sheriff's Office.

Christopher Schaub

Deputy Christopher Schaub

Officer Jorge Sanchez - Miami Police Department

November 1, 2016, we are saddened to report that one of our motormen was hit and killed during a traffic accident. Our entire Miami Police family grieves with the family and friends of Officer Jorge Sanchez.

Deputy First Class Norman Lewis - Orange County Sheriff's Office

Deputy First Class Norman Lewis was struck on his motorcycle while on a man hunt for a suspect that shot and killed Master Sgt. Debra Clayton of Orlando, FL Police Department. .

Norman Lewis

Norman Lewis

Ben Zirbel - Clay County Sheriff's Office

He was on duty when a truck made a left turn in front of him and Deputy Ben Zirbel was unable to avoid the crash. He was pronounced deceased yesterday (August 21, 2018) and is survived by his wife, Anna, and his son, Ethan.

Ben Zirbel

Ben Zirbel