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Arctic Shield Gloves



I have had these gloves for a while, but living in Florida it is hard trying to put the gloves in an environment that they operate in.  The Arctic Shield Gloves are rated for -50 degrees.  I have used them on my motor but only in about 50 to 45 degrees not to its max temperature. 

Glove Performance

The gloves dexterity is surprising.  For the large thick glove you can with practice use them in fine motor skills.  Typing on a small pad or calculator and use a pen with ease.  There are rubber tips on all the fingers for grip.  It also has a rubber palm also for grip. 

As a test I was given a deep freezer for a couple of hours.  I wore long underwear and True-Spec Pants.  Underarmor socks and boots, a polo shirt, sweatshirt and a ball cap.  As you can see I was not wearing artic weather clothing.  I wanted to give the gloves a fair shot. 

The freezer was at -50 degrees and the experiment was an hour long.  I walked in and moved some boxes around, metal carts and did some writing.  I typed some numbers and did a little texting on a small computer.  The fingers were at first hard to push small buttons.  With time and practice I did a lot better.  Handwriting was better for me. 

The gloves performance was outstanding.  My hands were almost sweating in the gloves at that temperature.  The rest of me was cold but no frost bite on my hands.  This review was surprising and rewarding.  The gloves out performed my expectations. 

My hands were warm and toasty.  The gloves materials recycle your body heat to keep you warm.  It is outstanding. 

The Artic Shield Gloves are listed for $30.00.  This is a great investment for anyone in cold and artic temperatures.  I will be going back to Artic Shield again and again for all my cold weather gear.