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The Active Winter Rider Boot by Mountain Horse


The Active Winter Rider boot has a nice professional look to it. The material shines up fairly easily.


The boots are extremely comfortable. The boot is lightweight so there is no problem with long periods of use. Though not a running boot, it still did very well. The boot can handle the day-to-day tasks of patrol. At the end of a 12-hour day, my feet were not screaming to get out. In fact I could have gone longer in them!


The functionality of the Active Winter Rider Boot is that they can be worn every day. The sole has great grip on oily roads and surfaces. It is waterproof — riding in the rain and in cold weather, your feet stay dry and warm. The fur lining adds extra protection in the cold. I did not test the extreme temperatures that this boot can handle, but they did keep me warm and dry in colder temperatures.

A great feature that this boot has is the two reflective strips on the back of the heel. This is a nice safety feature for night and bad-weather riding.

The zippers are improved with elastic panels for better fit and use.

Due to the light weight of the boots, I did not have trouble running in them — I was able to dismount and run with ease.

I can say that, for you motor officers and Mounted Officers, these boots are durable. While testing, I was able to clear a mechanical malfunction with the top of the boots.

Also, I did not feel as much of the vibration of the motorcycle as I have felt wearing other boots. The heat from the motor does not seem to affect the boots, and they provide protection against road debris. I can say that Mountain Horse builds a very durable boot. The construction can take a beating. I was wearing the Rimfrost Boot and laid the motor down at 55 MPH. Those boots took the brunt of the fall and, as for my legs, not a scratch!


Overall, The Active Winter Rider boot is a great seasonal patrol boot. Its light weight durable construction, functionality, and price make it the best seasonal choice in boots for patrol officers.

For more information and purchasing go to www.mountainhorseusa.com




Mountain Horse Winter Active Rider Boots

Mountain Horse Winter Active Rider Boots

Mountain Horse Winter Active Rider Boots


Mountain Horse Winter Active Rider Boots