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5.11 Tactical Motor Breeches and Bike Uniform Polo Shirt


 The 5.11 Tactical Motor Breeches as a very professional look. The breeches with the 5.11 Bike Patrol shirt looks very, professional, and cool in the heat


The comfort was beyond my expectations.   At first I was nervous about the heavyweight of the breeches, but I wore them in 114 degree heat during the Palmetto Police Motorcycle Safety Training Seminar, the breeches breathed very well. My legs did not burn up or fell overheated.The Polo Shirts were very, comfortable, and cool during the high temperatures I experienced.  The shirts moved and gave me maximum reach.


Received mine from Reads Uniforms of Charleston, SC. For never seeing them the size was perfect. The back pockets were stiff to get into to, but the thigh pockets up front worked great for my phone and was easy to get to while on the motorcycle. The only thing was that the thickness was tight with my Motor Boots. The breeches are very, comfortable, and cool on the motorcycle. Did not feel any issues with the heat from the motor next to my leg. Washing, I washed mine every day for 4 days straight with no issues with color fading or fit. I have plenty of room for mounting and dismounting the motorcycle.

The Polo Shirts have a place for your sunglasses or Radio Mic.  The High Visablity is awesome.  The Yellow shirt could be seen a mile away.  I have seen a difference with the way cars drive around me.   



 Read's Uniforms

Phone:  843-852-7878




Overall I feel this purchase They are awesome!! I will be buying more!! Awesome job 511, but I would not expect less.The Shirt and Motor Breeches are great for LE work.

511 Tactical Motor Breeches and Bike Patrol Polo Shirt